Automatic SMD chip inductor winding machine


No. of spindles
Wire size
0.02-0.1 mm
Max coil width
30 mm* larger upon request
Max coil diameter
15 mm
Bonding method
Wire bonding via thermocompression technology, for start and end lead connection onto chip pad
Spindle speed
up to 9,000  rpm
Spindle position accuracy
+- 0.1°
Guide head drive motor
CNC 6 Axis AC servo motor synchronizing control
Control system
Windows interface PC with USB connector & DVD ROM
RS232 or USB
Touch screen
15 inch
Air supply
6 Bar
Power supply
single phase 220V +-10%  50Hz
Power consumption
< 4 kwA
180 Kg
Dimensions (cm)
700(W) x 800(L) x 1500(H) – excluding wire spool stand

Chip inductor winding machine providing fully automatic production of SMD inductors in large volume, typically 0402, 0603, 0805, 1008 chip sizes and other ferrite-wound products.
Main features:
  • Bowl feeder for ferrite components, wire cutting on tooling clamp, guide over start pad on ferrite, weld, winding, guide over end pad, weld, cut end wire, remove ferrite, unload - all performed in a fully automatic process.
  • Built-in welding system to connect start and finish leads.
  • The wire guide movement can be freely programmed in all 3 axes (X, Y, and Z).
  • 15 inch touch screen for easy setup, with industrial PC, network card, USB memory for program storage and simple backup.
  • Wire tensioner with magnetic braking provides constant tension.
  • Easy to change tooling and machine set-up recalled from the onboard computer when changing product.
  • Load and unload to tape and reel.
  • Various tooling can be designed depending on component requirements.
  • Customised accessories to suit your application
Download the product datasheet here english datasheet for chip inductor widning machineSee Machine videos here Example coil

Fully automatic chip inductor winding machine

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production examples from this coil winder
production examples from this coil winder
production examples from this coil winder