Benchtop tape dispensing machines overview

Automatic taping with bobbin change-over. Tape cutter with start and finish wiper and automatic unload. 2 handed start button operation. Number of turns of tape is programmable from 1 to 9 turns.
tape dispenser
Automatic tape dispensing machine, with digital length adjustment.
3 modes of operation according to the application.
Automatic cutter and tape feeder, with digital length adjustment .
Robust steel case, for wide tape up to 80mm
Carousel type tape cutter and dispenser, ideal for multi-operator applications.
Allows up to 20 pieces of tape to be cut at the touch of a button.
Unique feed system places pre-cut lengths of tape on the carousel for convenient access.
caramic roller
Consumables, common spare parts used on our range of taping machines, many of the consumables shown suit almost every machine on the market.