Flat wire "Edge" wound winding machine E-300-Edge

Specifications can be modified according to customer requirements.

Max Wire pitching:
99 mm
Max winding length:
90 mm
Max distance between points:
270 mm
Max winding Diameter:
120 mm
Guider precision:
0.001 mm
Spindle resolution:
0.001 mm
Main shaft motor:
Bruishless Servomotor
Guider motor (Brushless):
Servo - 1.4NM
Winding shaft speed:
0 - 150 rpm*
72 Nm*
Electrical supply:
220Vac - 50 / 60 Hz
Net weight:
180 kg approx.
User interface:
7inch (178mm) colour touch screen
Max. No. of programmable windings:
10,000 (per SD card)
Max. No. of windings per coil:
Type of programming:
CNC with colour touch screen

* There are many version of this machine, can be customised to your requirements.

Heavy duty coil winding machine series
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E-300 - Small sized bench Winding Machine; equipped with: -

  • Traverse head
  • Sturdy base
  • Tailstock - with security lock,
  • Guider system
  • & Safety shielded foot pedal.
  • Controlled by numeric PLC and electronic programming.

The edge machine is really a customised solution for round core (ID) single layer coils...
This machine is designed for the manufacture of chokes, inductors and flat wire wound on its thin edge.

In the winding industry there are a lot of new products using flat wire edge wound coils.  each project is virtually a one off... as technically they require a completely different solution depending on the tasks.

The basic machine is specially designed construction 2 axis winder, more power / torque is required that standard winding. For leg positional accuracy, we incorporate programmable rotational resolution <0.36deg, the rest is tooling and configuration of guiders tailstock, special start lead clamping systems  etc... made by our own in-house team of experts.

This machine pushed the boundaries of what is achievable in relation to the aspect ratio of wire height Vs wire width and wire height Vs coil ID, whilst reducing the trapezoidal effect to a minimum !

The colour touch screen provides a simple and intuitive programming system with graphical interface and on-screen help, allowing even the most complex windings to be programmed in short periods of time in the user's choice of language. A foot pedal is provided so that the operator can control the machine manually if required.
Data storage is on a standard SD card, providing a quick and simple method of backing up programs on a PC.

Download the product datasheet here english datasheet for the heavy duty EDGE coil winding machine german datasheet for the heavy  duty Edgewise coil winding machine See Machine videos here Machine tour video


Heavy duty coil winding machine 300 seriesHeavy duty coil winding machine 300 series Heavy duty coil winding machine 300 series Heavy duty coil winding machine 300 series