Shuttles & magazines for toroid winding machines

Tired of paying inflated prices for inferior quality? Now you can buy shuttles and magazines direct from IWM.
Careful selection of materials together with close-tolerance machining maximises the working life of our shuttles.
Here are some comments from end users..

"Required less 'bedding in' time."
"Excellent quality of joint."
"When can I have some more?"
Product benefits:  
• Quality engineered to Aerospace standards
• Superior material specifications.
• Extended working life.
• Factory-direct pricing.
• Enhanced surface finish eliminates wire scratching
We can now manufacture virtually any toroid winding shuttle or magazine from a sample - even an old or worn-out shuttle or magazine will do.
Including:- Size - nominal diameter 4", 6"or 8", Drive - "Geared" or "Friction", Type - "Belt" , "Side Slider" or "Wire Slider"
What's more we believe that, on a like for like basis, our toroid shuttle prices are not only competitive, but unbeatable!
Shown below is sample of current stock of toroid winding shuttles available for immediate dispatch and details of popular sizes.
7-320 (Universal)
7-440 (Universal)
5-320 (Universal)
5-440 (Universal)
5-560 (Universal)
20/8-4 (Ruff)
20/12-4 (Ruff)
Core load


Shown below are other types available on short delivery at the keenest prices possible.

Ruff shuttles
Shuttles for Universal/Jovil toroid winding machines
  TW140 5-200 5-200
Jovil shuttles
RW-2/18 KN TW140 5-250 5-250 205.0005
RW-2/21 SN TW140 5-320 5-320 205.0006
RW-2/21 KN TW140 5-440 5-440 205.0009
RW-2/24 KN TW140 5-560 5-560 205.0011
RW-2/26 KN     205.0051
RW-2/33 KN TW180 7-320 7-320 205.0053
RW-2/40 KN TW180 7-440 7-440 205.0054
  TW180 7-560 7-560 205.0056
RW-3/30 KN TW180 7-625 7-625 205.0086
RW-3/35 KN     205.1000
RW-3/37 KN TW135 3X3b TU150-1,6  
RW-3/50 KN TW135 4x4b TU150-2,4
Fisher Baker EssexCore load
RW-3/60 KN TW135 46x6b TU150-3,2 1/16" 205.0002C
    TU150-5,0 3/32" 205.0003C
RW-44/50 KN TW135 3X3s TU150-6,4s 1/8" 205.0004C
RW-44/80 KN TW135 4x4s TU150-6,4w 3/16" 205.0005C
  TW135 46x6s   1/4" 205.0006C
RW-20/12-4     1/4" 205.0007C
RW-20/8-4 TW100 3x3b
other shuttles
RW-30/20S TW100 4x4b 3x3mm ID 135 belt 3x3mm ID 135 slider
  TW100 6x6b 4x4mm ID 135 belt 4x4mm ID 135 slider
  TW100 3x3s 6x6mm ID 135 belt 6x6mm ID 135 slider
  TW100 4x4s 3x3mm ID 135 slider 3x3mm ID 100 belt
  TW100 6x6s 4x4mm ID 135 slider 4x4mm ID 100 belt
    6x6mm ID 135 slider 6x6mm ID 100 belt
      3x3mm ID 100 slider
      4x4mm ID 100 slider
      6x6mm ID 100 slider

Sliders for toroid shuttles

We are able to offer high quality sliders magazines and shuttles for most types of toroid winding machines.

These consist of a plastic head to reduce ware on the shuttle, and wire tail of varying diameter / strength for the appropriate winding wire range.

Core load

The list below shows some commonly available types, which we can supply at highly competitive prices.

For S4-4.7mm, S4-6.3mm, S6-4.7mm, S6-6.3mm Shuttle
Part Number. Tail diameter Wire range
0.05 ~ 0.10 mm
0.10 ~ 0.25 mm
0.25 ~ 0.41 mm
For S4-7.9mm, S4-9.5mm, S6-7.9mm, S6-9.5mm, S6-12.7mm S6-15.6mm Shuttle
Part Number. Tail diameter Wire range
0.05 ~ 0.10 mm
0.10 ~ 0.25 mm
0.25 ~ 0.41 mm