Small ID toroid taping machine WH-900T6


    TWC-01 digital controller holds up to 999 program steps
    DC 400 W spindle motor with stepping motor for spreading
    Tape width
    4 mm - 10 mm (depends on shuttle Width)
    Package Includes
    base, core rotator, taping head, your first shuttle, and comprehensive manual
    Shuttle Diameter
    O D Range
    8 - 60 mm
    Min finished I D
    15 mm (depends on shuttle size & core height) 45mm Max. Height
    Max speed
    300 rpm
    AC 230 / 110 V ± 10%, 50 - 60hz
    780 x 780 x 1250 mm
    Net weight
    90 kg
    CE cert.
    no.AE9955093 01
toroidal taping head small id

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The WH-900T6 is a digitally controlled toroid winding machine, ideally suited to the manufacture of toroidal power transformers, isolation transformers, inductors and chokes of up to 60mm finished outside diameter
The machine is equipped with a 6 inch toroid taping head.

With this head it is possible to tape very small toroidal cores.

The machine features automatic control over wire load length, running speed, acceleration and de-acceleration, etc, and programs for complex windings are stored in memory for later use. The advanced fibre optic wire detection system includes a teach-in function for accurate and reliable turns count, even with coloured wires.

Download the product datasheet here small tape head for toroid widning machine datasheet german datasheet for small tape head for toroid widning machine