Multi strand profile wire guider GP2

The Erasan range of heavy duty coil winders require a guide head system suitable for the application to be wound, many factors influence the choice of guide head, from wire size to wire type and profile etc.
Shown below is the multi strand profile wire guider. Please contact us if you require a custom solution.

english datasheet for the profile wire guider
This guide has a series of four parallel roller sets at the rear, is mounted at 90° to each other and independently adjustable.
profile wire guider
These rollers are used to bring multiple wires coming from seperate supply spools together, forming a single bundle or packet to be wound onto the core or bobbin.
The front section of the guider head has two adjustable width profile rollers with Teflon protection for the wire insulation on the side walls.
profile wire roller
profile wire guider The front roller is also adjustable in angle, this “negative effect” roller can be used to produce an upward curve on the wire, so that the inverse curve of wire presses against the long flat edges when wound onto the bobbin, reducing the bow effect. transformer

Download the product datasheet here english datasheet for the profile wire guider german datasheet for the profile wire guider