Production aids for coil manufacturing overview

Lamination stacking machine
Lamination stacking machines are a fast method of interleaving metal lamination pieces into wound bobbins to form the magnetic core of the device. Available for EI , UI transformers and many other forms of lamination.
Wire despooler drum
Clear acrylic wire de-spooler drum protects the wire supply spool from mechanical damage and provides smooth pay off at high speed.
label dispenser
Label dispensing machine,perfect for die cut labels. The backing paper is removed automatically, and a photo sensor detects label removal and automatically indexes to present the next label for use.
Coil storage trays
Coil storage trays help to prevent handling damage to product between production processes and for final packaging of product for despatch to the customer. Robust, lightweight, and reuseable, these component trays can be used in almost any production environment.