Hand Coil Winding Machine - WH-737


    Simple mechanical counter, push button to reset.
    Hand feed spreading for simple coil winding – ideal for low turns count & prototypes
    Package Includes:
    Sturdy machine base, non-slip rubber feet, drive handle, mechanical counter & tool holder
    Turns ratio:
    One turn of the handle produces five turns of the spindle
    45 x 28 x 25 cm
    Net weight:

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The WH-737 is a simple and compact benchtop hand winding machine, provided with with a mechanical turns counter. One turn of the handle produces five turns at the winding spindle by means of a robust and reliable chain drive system.

It is suitable for making prototype transformers, small volume coils and other experimental wound products, particularly in laboratory, research and development and educational establishments.

The sturdy baseplate in solid steel and four non-slip rubber feet provide a stable platform for the winding machine with no need to fix it to the workbench.

Download the product datasheet here english datasheet on hand coil winder czech datasheet on hand coil winder german datasheet on hand coil winder