Continuous Tape Winding Machine


    • Dual Automatic taping heads,
    • Digital length / position measurement
    • Programmable pitching of tape
    • Adjustable tape feed angle to help prevent curling of tape
    • Three fully adjustable sets of parallel guide rollers, mean this device can tape round or flat wire up to 25mm max dim.
    •Driven by high tech servomotors for precise pitching control.
    Tape Width
    7 – 50 mm
    Tape feed entry angle
    5 - 28 Degrees from vertical -depending on tape material
    Operation modes
    - simply pull core material, through the device. The position sensor wheel controls speed of the taping heads to give consistent pitching as preset.
    - fit a pre de-spooling device and automatic coiling device either side of this unit to achieve continuous automated taping.
    On rubber feet making storage simple
    AC 230 V ± 10%, 50 - 60hz
    Net weight
    60 kg
    Machine to automatically tape infinite lengths of core material up to 25mm diameter.
    This tape device is ideal for reel to reel taping.
    Please take a look at the video demonstration showing this machine in operation.