Optimum wire tension for copper magnet wire

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The calculator is provided to assist engineers in the coil winding industry to establish the optimum wire tension for winding with a particular size of copper wire.

These "normal Maximum recommended" values have been established through past experience and serve as a useful starting point for setting up a coil winding task. In practice, the actual wire tension required may vary considerably from these values, according to the individual characteristics, specifications, materials and winding method of the coil to be wound.

Optimum wire tension calculations
Type the wire size into the yellow cell, and press the "calculate" button. The blue cells will show the recommended wire tension for copper wire.
wire diameter in mm excluding insulation

Optimum tension for this wire is:

Grams Kg
Lbs Ounces
Tensile strength (Copper): Kg [@ 220 N/mm²]
Tensile strength (Aluminium): Kg [@ 120 N/mm²]

tension graphfione wire tension graph