Fly winding machine


Max Wire size
1.2 mm
Max winding length
150 mm
Max winding diameter
270 mm
Max winding speed
1,5000  rpm
Main head drive motor
brushless 6.36Nm servomotor
Guide drive motor
brushless 2.2Nm servomotor
User interface:
12inch (304mm) touch screen
Max. No. of programmable windings:
1000 (unlimited with SD card)
Max. No. of windings per coil:
200 (unlimited with SD card)
Type of programming:
Air supply
6 Bar
Power supply
single phase 220V +-10%  50Hz
400 Kg
Dimensions (cm)
1250 (W) x 1050 (L) x 1250(H) – excluding wire spool stand

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coil production examples

Now with programmable "nose aperture !" of tooling using slip rings and servomotor
This is a special machine for conducting coils used in alternators.
As a single head, it produces one coil per cycle.
This machine is built on a steel chassis welded and aluminium
profiles. The wire guide system is placed on linear bearing guides,
which ensures a precise guide control and great robustness.
Fully CE compliant.

Main features:
- Motor of wire guide Brushless
- Main motor brushless with brake
- Table positioning motor brushless
- Safety protection shield with pneumatic function controlled by program
- Specific software for this application.
- Electrical Box mounted separate to the machine.
Download the product datasheet here fly winding machine german datasheet for the fly winding machine See Machine videos here Example coil