Six spindle winding machine with skein function WH-766T


    Microprocessor controlled, capable of holding 999 program sequences which may be run independently or in selected blocks for compound windings.
    Spindle drive - High torque brushless DC induction motor producing a max torque 78.5 Ncm.
    Traverse - Constant current driven 4-phase stepper motor.
    The wire is fed via separate tension control units, and guide tube type feeder heads. Each winding head is independently adjustable so that winding may be carried out simultaneously on all four spindles.
    Coils wound with a single wire size, including ignition coils, solenoids, relays.
    Designed for thin wires that require skeining. Nozzle type wire feeder heads on each spindle; these have adjustable parallelism so that multiple winding may be carried out. Each spindle is fed via a separate tension unit through a skeining device. Automated skein function - The winding is stopped a few turns from the end, and the machine automatically performs the skeining function. Half of the skeined length is then wound into the bobbin, and the remaining skeined length is used for the start of the next coil
    Package Includes:
    Includes 6 x nozzle type wire feeder heads, 6 x skeiner units, and comprehensive manual.
    Wire size:
    0.03 – 0.3 mm
    Maximum Pitch:
    10 mm
    Winding Width:
    100 mm (max)
    Bobbin Diameter:
    100 mm (max)
    Max speed:
    6000 rpm
    AC 230 / 110 V ± 10%, 50 - 60hz
    1000 x 500 x 1000 mm
    Net weight:
    CE cert.
    No.AE9955093 01

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The WH-766T is a high speed six spindle benchtop coil winding machine with digital controller for semi-automatic operation. It is ideal for use in the production of small inductors, particularly bobbins wound with a single wire size and high turns count. The high maximum winding spindle speed (up to 6000 rpm) enables coils with a high turns count to be wound in a short cycle time.

Six spools of wire may be mounted above the machine in the supplied wire spool drums, giving compact footprint for efficient use of workshop space. Typical applications include the manufacture of gas ignition coils, solenoids and many forms of sensor coil in medium and large batch quantities especially where thin wire used requires skeining.

The digital control regulates all of the fundamental winding parameters such as winding speed, wire pitch, acceleration, braking, and turns count. Using the simple programming system and multi-step programs, complex windings can be generated with ease. Stored programs can be instantly recalled, reducing machine setup time for product changeover to a minimum.

Download the product datasheet here english datasheet on benchtop four spindle coil winding machine german datasheet on benchtop four spindle coil winding machine