Dual Servo driven wire tensioners

Wire tension is one of the most critical parameters of any coil winding process, having an influence on product characteristics, particularly DC resistance of the wire. Wire tension control devices are therefore required to ensure constant wire tension as the wire speed changes during the coil winding process.

A revolution in wire tension technology!
Advanced Digital Display With ergonomic keys for easy operation, automatic compensating arm, patented wire ‘Storage and Release’ capability able to manage sudden wire absorption or release during the working process and simultaneously keeping the wire feeding tension at the set value.
Motor Driven and suitable to self adjust accordingly to the set Tension Profile Dual Drive Feeding System
control and maintain a constant winding feeding (input) tension during the entire process.
Motor torque control System

Tension Sensor – precision load cell, fully programmable, easy parameter setting (e.g. Tension profile, %tolerances) for diversified working conditions.
High Tech Digital Technology Featuring simultaneous dual control on both wire feeding tension and wire running speed for a complete feeding control.
Tension Profiler Function - enables up to 3 different wire feeding tension values to be programmed without any interface/connection to the coil winding machine, or up to 4 different wire feeding tension values during winding cycle, utilising two digital outputs.

MATRIX external terminal allows the user to store, upload, visualise and control all parameters in graphical form; wire tension, speed and wire consumption etc...of up to 100 CWF tensioners at once!

Impressive Versatility - Fully programmable parameters according to the wire and application requirements and possibility to dynamically modify tension according to the manufacturing process stage (‘Tension Profiler’ Function).
A wide application range - A single device able to cover a wide wire tension and diameter range.
Production Process Efficiency Maximisation - Able to work at increased machine winding speed, thus dramatically reducing wire breakage and increasing machine efficiency.
Minimises Labour Costs
Minimised machine operator time, thanks to advanced and user-friendly programming options.
Centralised programming and monitoring Matrix controller external unit able to program and control CWF units at a glance and monitoring the whole process production status also in graphical form.
Performance drastic process simplification, simultaneous TOP Quality, Accuracy and Repeatability results.
Fully programmable easy parameter setting (Tension Profiler, % tolerances, ...) for diversified working conditions.
A compact Solution, easy plug & play installation.

Technical Features
- Programmable tension range ; two version available -
CWF/H2ā€“ā€“ 5~1500g(cN) Wire diameters 0.06~0.5mm (42~24 AWG) resolution +/- 1g
CWF/Lā€“ā€“ 0.5~200g(cN) Wire diameters 0.015~0.13mm (54~36 AWG) resolution +/- 0.1g
- Feeding speed range 0,1 ÷ 25 m/s - 6 ÷ 1500 mt/min
- LWA function: exact wire consumption measuring(Length Wire Absorption) with resolution of 0.1 mm.
- Programming - CWF 2000 Editor / CANBUS / User Interface 485.
- Ergonomic and small dimensions (325x251x70 mm).
- Power supply voltage 24VDC ± 10% - 24 VAC ± 20%.
- Special universal fixing support for easy and quick installation.

Download the product datasheet here magnetic wire tensioner englishSee Machine videos here

Demonstration Video
Multispindle machine Video
Video explaining WLA function

Dual servo driven wire tensionerDual servo driven wire tensioner controller