Accessories for multi-spindle coil winding machines

Multi Spindle Automatic Winding Machines
When configuring the range of multi spindle machinery, several application specific accessories may be required. We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of accessories available, and can offer a solution for almost any coil winding requirement.
air nipper for
Air Nipper for wire range 0.2mm – 0.8mm.
For coil winding applications where larger wire diameters are in use and therefore the "pin tear" method is not appropriate, we can provide wire cutting units actuated by compressed air. These are normally mounted close to the wire feed head.
shuttle system
Load / Unload shuttle system.
Provides automatic load of empty bobbins and unload of the finished wound product, which shortens the machine cycle time and increases production output. Extra stations and operations may be added to the line, e.g. soldering, welding etc.
wire skeining (twisting) device
Skeining (wire twisting) unit.
The mechanical strength of very fine wires may not be sufficient to withstand the termination and soldering processes. The useful technique of skeining (twisting several strands of the wire together) reinforces the start and finish leads so that they are robust enough to enable reliable soldered connections to be made.
Versions are available to complement our 4,6,8 or 12 spindle winding machines.
Download the product datasheet here multi spiondle accessories datasheet
wire trolley rack for automatic winding machines
Tensioner stand / wire spool trolley.
An essential piece of equipment to mount supply spools of wire, and available in various versions according to the number of spindles on the relevant coil winding machine. These units are available with a mobile option, so that wire spools may be replenished away from the winding machine.
Download the product datasheet here multi spiondle accessories datasheet