Carousel adhesive tape dispensing machine TDA-025



    • Ideal for multi-operator applications
    • Automatic cutter and tape feed
    • Allows up to 20 pieces of tape to be cut at the touch of a button
    • Unique feed system places tape on carousel for easy removal
    • Manual override of preset lengths
    • Accepts 25.4, 32 & 76mm core diameter tapes (max OD 130mm)
    • Safety switch on cover
    Tape Width
    3 – 25 mm
    Tape Length
    12 - 60 mm (depending on tape material)
    On rubber feet making storage simple
    AC 230 V ± 10%, 50 - 60hz
    300 L * 160 W * 160 H (mm)
    Net weight
    2.75 kg
    CE cert.
    No.AE9955093 01

tape dispenser short length
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This automatic machine cuts and dispenses a series of preset lengths of adhesive tape on operator demand.
As this machine places tape onto a rotating disk, or carousel, this tape dispenser is ideal for short lengths of tape. The carousel arrangement is also well suited for sharing between a group of operators in production situations where more than one person needs access to pre-cut tape.

The spacing of the tape on the carousel, and the length of tape to be cut is fully adjustable, and one press of the actuation button can dispense up to 20 pieces of tape at a time.
Please view the video showing this tape dispensing machine in operation.

Download the product datasheet here tape dispenser short length tape dispenser short length tape dispenser short length