Toroid hook winding machine (pull winder) WH-200



Digital controller capable of holding data for 999 winding operations, Fully programmable pitch per turn (wire spacing). Start position, winding direction and segment winding angle programmable.
In semi-automatic mode, hold-time is programmable at top and bottom of stroke
Pneumatically operated hook
adjustable stroke length - via magnetic sensors
counted by digital controller


Full control of core rotation using stepping motor
Package Includes
full height cabinet, digital controller and one hook Air cylinder, filter & regulator; stepper motor system, and footswitch
Hook sizes
3 standard hook sizes, with specials available
Wire range
0.3 ~ 2.2 mm
Core O.D.
range 15 ~ 80 mm
Air supply
Typically 5 Bar
Power supply
AC 230 /110 V ± 10%, 50 – 60 Hz
70 x 55 x 150 cm

Hook data

Hook type H5 H8 H10
Hook size 5 mm 8 mm> 10 mm
Min. finished I.D.

8 mm 11 mm 14 mm
Hook Winder: image 1 0f 4 thumb
Hook Winder: image 2 0f 4 thumb
Hook Winder: image 3 0f 4 thumb
Hook Winder: image 4 0f 4 thumb

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Hook winding (a.k.a. pull winding) is a useful technique for manufacturing toroidal products where the Inside Diameter (I.D.) of the toroid is too small for a conventional shuttle or magazine to pass through it.

A pre-cut length of wire is pulled though the centre of the toroidal core by means of a hook driven by a pneumatic cylinder, the stroke length being adjustable by means of magnetic sensors.
The CNC unit automatically rotates the core of the toroid as each turn is applied.

Since there is no requirement to pre-load wire onto a shuttle before winding the wire onto a toroid, this winding method can often be faster and more efficient than conventional toroid winding machines for production of toroidal devices with low turns count and large wire, e.g. many chokes, filters and ballasts.

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