Compact 300mm wide Foil winding machine series for LV transformers

Heavy duty coil winding machine series This all-new design, together with our latest high-tech control system, improves quality of winding and reduces machine maintenance to a minimum. Heavy duty coil winding machine series
The foil and insulation de-reelers are provided with an automatically controlled brake system, which applies a constant tension to the materials during the winding process.
The winding unit is equipped with a pressure roller system and the machine is supplied with two expanding mandrels for the copper foil and two for the paper insulation.
The "state of the art" CNC with colour touch screen, precision servo motor drives, and bespoke software provide continuous control and monitoring of all of the process parameters, together with the capacity to store thousands of programs.
There are various configurations possible, up to 500mm width. Compact machine foot print and easy access for the operator help in easy winding of primaries reducing production cycle times.
A typical machine includes:
Heavy duty coil winding machine series
adjustable independent sensors are using in a closed loop feedback system to align each paper and foil..
Heavy duty coil winding machine series
Expanding mandrels are designed open ended to allow easy access for fast supply spool changeover.
Heavy duty coil winding machine series
Foil press arm aids the operator at start end end of winding to keep tension on the foil.
A typical standard specifications shown below, however this can easily be modified according to customer requirements.
Torque at max. Speed (Brushless motors):
2,150 Nm
Maximum Speed:
40 Rpm
Max Winding Dia.:
800 mm
Max winding length (foil width):
300 / 400 mm (other types available on request)
Foil Thickness min. and max (Aluminum):
0.4 - 1.8 mm
Foil Thickness min. and max (Copper):
0.3 - 2.8 mm
Max supply spool weight:
250 Kg
Max finished coil weight:
400 Kg
Max finished coil OD:
550 mm
Number of conductor de-reelers:
1 or 2
Number of insulation de-reelers:
1 or 2
Conductor Foil materials:
Copper or Aluminum
Insulation de-reelers Shafts:
Expandable (pneumatic open/close action) 
End filler:
Strip paper included
Welding system (optional):
Cold pressure welding / Tig
Foil De-burring system:
3 roller system, or Cleaning foil device for CPW
Electrical supply:
3 x 400 + GND + Neutral - 50 / 60 Hz
Air pressure:
6 Bar
User interface:
12inch (304mm) touch screen industrial PC / access controller
Max. No. of programmable windings:
1000 (unlimited with SD card)
Type of programming:
Download the product datasheet here english datasheet for the heavy duty coil winding machine hungarian datasheet on benchtop two spindle coil winding machinegerman datasheet for the heavy duty coil winding machine See Machine videos here 500mm wide Machine tour video
300mm wide Machine tour video