Profile wire tensioners

Our standard range of profile wire tensioners can re-reel and tension up to 32 spools of wire simultaneously.

For wire sizes greater than 1.8mm, it is possible to cause damage to the insulation layer by applying friction to the wire itself, especially when tensioning wire with silk covering.

In order to avoid potential insulation damage, these wire tensioners create tension by applying a braking force to the rotating supply spool, thus protecting the insulation layer. Of course, this approach works equally well whether the wire is round, square, or flat.

The multi-spool versions are normally used in applications that require a series of individual wires to be bought together as a bundle or packet prior to winding.


Number of spools:
1, 2, 4, 32 versions available
Maximum spool diameter:
500 mm
Maximum spool height:
650 mm
Braking method:
Pneumatic control of  Hydraulic caliper
Dimensions :
depending on model
Net weight:
depending on model
Wire de-reeler and tensioner - 1 spool Wire de-reeler and tensioner - 2 spools Wire de-reeler and tensioner - 4 spools Wire de-reeler and tensioner - 32 spools


Each spool has a pneumatically controlled hydraulic disc braking system, and the control box is provided with pressure indicators and a wire tension release switch, which allows the wire to run freely for termination. The control box can be postioned anywhere that is convient, for example, on the winding machine.

Hydraulic disk brake   Control box for 4 spools   4 wire despooler and tensioner with coil winding machine

Download the product datasheet here english datasheet for the profile wire tensioner german datasheet for the profile wire tensioner