Example video showing e 900HT

Example video showing e-900 SGB machine with very high toque, equilvent ot the 1200 model but still a compact machine.

Torque and Speed

* The custom version of this machine's torque is shown bleow.

Gear Position
7500 RPM version
Torque (Nm)
Max Speed (Rpm)

High torque winding machine
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The E-900 is a powerful and compact one spindle floor standing coil winding machine with a colour touch screen CNC, precision servomotor drive, and four-ratio gearbox. The winding machine is robustly constructed in heavy gauge welded galvanised steel, with covers in stainless steel, and is provided with a fixture plate, tailstock with security closure, guider system, safety guard and foot pedal
The applications of this machine include the manufacture of medium sized coils, including solenoids, motors, inductors, and power distribution transformers, typically in the range of 10 to 600 KVA.
User-selectable speed ranges of up to 3,000 rpm allow fast winding with small wires whilst delivering high torque for winding heavy wires.
The colour touch screen provides a simple and intuitive programming system with graphical interface and on-screen help, allowing even the most complex windings to be programmed in short periods of time in the user's choice of language. A foot pedal is provided so that the operator can control the machine manually if required.
Data storage is on a standard SD card, providing a quick and simple method of backing up programs on a PC.