Strip Foil winding machines for Cast-resin power transformers

Heavy duty coil winding machine series

This all-new design, together with our latest high-tech control system, improves quality of winding and reduces machine maintenance to a minimum.

cast resin transformer Heavy duty coil winding machine series
One of the latest developments at Erasan is the range of foil winding equipment, with high-tech control features, improving quality of winding and reducing maintenance to a minimum.
Primarily used for winding of Cast Resin / Air Cooled transformers, the machines shown below are some of those already delivered, along with concept drawings showing a basic machine layout.
There are various configurations possible, with coil widths up to 2.3M with a winding area of 1.8M. This allows winding of a wide range of transformer sizes and number of strips as required.
The "state of the art" CNC with colour touch screen, precision servo motor drives, and bespoke software provide continuous control and monitoring of all of the process parameters, together with the capacity to store thousands of programs.
Heavy duty coil winding machine series
High powered Parker servo motors with integrated gear box and drive systems.
Heavy duty coil winding machine series
Each mandrels foil or insulation has independent traversing system, with closed loop feedback from edge sensor, providing perfectly aligned coils
Heavy duty coil winding machine series


Various automatic functions and processes can be added to the machine according to the user's requirements.
Shown here is a cold pressure welding station, used for fixing the terminal leads “in-line” during the winding.
Standard specifications can be modified according to customer requirement.