Foil winding machine 1000mm wide -video tour

Heavy duty coil winding machine series

This all-new design, together with our latest high-tech control system, improves quality of winding and reduces machine maintenance to a minimum.

Heavy duty coil winding machine series
The foil and insulation de-reelers are provided with an automatically controlled brake system, which applies a constant tension to the materials during the winding process.
The winding unit is equipped with a pressure roller system and the machine is supplied with two expanding mandrels for the copper foil and two for the paper insulation.
The "state of the art" CNC with colour touch screen, precision servo motor drives, and bespoke software provide continuous control and monitoring of all of the process parameters, together with the capacity to store thousands of programs.
There are various configurations possible, up to 1500mm width. This allows winding of primaries easily and with very short production cycle times.
A typical machine includes:
Heavy duty coil winding machine series
High powered Parker servo motors with integrated gear box and drive systems.
Heavy duty coil winding machine series
Expanding mandrels are designed and manufactured in house, to suit the exact requirement of the product to be made.
Heavy duty coil winding machine series


Various automatic functions and processes can be added to the machine according to the user's requirements.
Shown here is a cold pressure welding station, used for fixing the terminal leads “in-line” during the winding.
Standard specifications can be modified according to customer requirement.
Download the product datasheet here english datasheet for the heavy duty coil winding machine hungarian datasheet on benchtop two spindle coil winding machine